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I received my purchase confirmation but where is my shipment? 
Since going live, we have been completely humbled by the response. We are working around the clock to pack and ship all of the daily orders as fast as we can, which we hope to get to you in 1-2 weeks from your order date. 

How can I get an update on my order? 
Check out our Order Lookup page and just enter your order number and email. 

How is my shipment going to arrive? 
All orders ship from Utah, via USPS. 

I have an idea for a new product, where should I send it? 
Please email and let us know your every desire! We can’t promise that will make all of them happen, but it is great to have feedback from those that understand our mission the best! 

Do you offer international shipping? 
Yes, we provide international shipping. Select your country of origin in the address portion of the checkout.

How can I stay up to date with new items being added to the store?
You can subscribe to our store newsletter (in the footer of the store website) to be notified when things like this and new products become available. 

I have a question about an item that isn’t shown in this store, (i.e. coins, books, or merchandise from what should I do? 
For all foundation requests, questions about coins, or any information regarding any of the books from Chris or Taya, please email inquiries should be handled through their website. 

What are the measurements of your t-shirts?
Chest sizes are as follows:

  • S=36"
  • M=40"
  • L=44"
  • XL=48"
  • 2XL=52"
  • 3XL=56"

Is this an official Chris Kyle Frog Foundation webstore?  
Yes, we are directly tied to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. We are managed by team members around the country that are committed to the Chris Kyle story and the work that the foundation hopes to achieve. Proceeds from this store are a direct commitment to the foundation itself. 

How does the foundation use the money generated by this webstore? 
All money raised for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is used to support foundation programs and operations. For financial inquiries regarding the foundation, please email

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